Last Day :(

So…This is the most emotional last day ever, because I won’t be coming back next year since I finished my career major. I transferred all files this morning, so I won’t be back this afternoon.
Oh dear.
I will be keeping my other blog, my portfolio, up to date occasionally. I can’t promise it will be everyday, but it will be at least once a week.
Here is the link to it. —- >
I don’t have much on there right now, but there will be more soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer, and I hope to see you all again sometime!
(p.s.; I definitely will make time to come back next year and see the class.)

-Tanner Lewis


Letter // Thursday

-I worked on my letter to Mrs. Frascht. I printed a copy and will post a copy on here in case.
-Also worked on a random design in Illustrator with my name behind clouds, somewhat.
-I made a brush to simulate the pressure effect of a brush. I made it by making a circle, tapering out the ends, and then making a new art brush in illustrator.





(click image for full size)
Contact Information has been blurred for security reasons


Tuesday // May 14th

  • I finally finished my poster with a few samples of my work and had it printed
  • Transferred all files on my computer to my external harddrive

On Thursday I will update my website and porfolio with the latest works.



Also, just a sidenote, for those in class or just anyone who views this blog that is interested in the game Bioshock from 2007 or the new Bioshock Infinite from this year, I was able to find the fonts used in the games. The links are listed below if you want to use them in any design or whatnot. I used them in my poster for class. I really like the designs used in the game, not just the fonts, and they are apart of the reason I like the games so much.

Andes Font  // Otherwise known as the Rapture Font
Peake Fonts // From Infinite, includes six different fonts

The Bioshock logo is in Century Gothic/Bold, which is a standard Windows/Mac font.

I just thought I would share in case there are any other people who were curious.

Today I finished the drawing, and decided FINALLY what my poster will be. Like my taste in design, it will be simplistic and a showcase 6 or so of my favorite works. I won’t divulge too much, so it will be a surprise. Anyway, below is the drawing. I am happy with it, since I haven’t used the tablet in a long long time.



I’m not going to use the previous image for my poster.
I can’t decide what I want to do.

I do need to update my website, though. It’s all up there on the projects page now. NOW TO DECIDE WHAT I WANT ON MY POSTER. OH THE INDECISION.

I think I am going to attempt to draw something, since I have done basically none of that this year. I found a great brush pack for drawing on deviant art (Here’s the link  if anyone wants to check it out or download it).
I am drawing a character from one of my favorite movies, it’s “The Last Unicorn” from 1982. The main character, Lady Amalthea is who I will be drawing. The drawing will consist of mainly purples, pale yellows, and softer colors. I hope this turns out well!

It was turning out well, and I was excited to get back to school and work on it more, and then the universe decided that wouldn’t work, and my car broke down while driving home for lunch. I just had it fixed recently, but I guess when one thing is fixed another breaks.

I will see you all Monday.

Thursday PT 2

Things to do:

-Print 20 Samples of work
-Post guest blog
-work on 11×14 poster
-Update Website with business projects

Here is the image of the 11×14 poster, that is also going in my portfolio. I am starting to become more interested in the geometric designs as well.


Guest Blog // Thursday PT 1

Today I will be presenting my guest blog. In this blog I will explain what tips or tricks that I have learned in Mrs. Frascht’s class. I have been here for about three years now, and have learned a lot in that time. I seem to have learned the most this year, though. Below I will have a list of the most important things that I have learned in this classroom and beneath each point I will have an explanation of why I believe it is important or helpful.

Adobe Products: Utilize the Shortcuts
This will increase your workflow greatly. It stops you from having to stop what you’re doing and go and find what you need next in the toolbar. Become familiar with the shortcut keys and you may even want to change the keys to suit your needs.

Adobe Products: Save your workspace
I just learned this this year. When you arrange Photoshop to how you like it, it is good to save the workspace in the upper right corner of the window. Just click “New Workspace” and save it under whatever name you wish. Utilize the workspaces as well. Most Adobe products feature this and help you with whatever you need. Like in Photoshop you can have a workspace that pertains to painting or 3D or in Illustrator you have things like “Freehand” spaces.

Photoshop: Desaturation is a Thing of the Past
With the newer versions of Photoshop, it is now easier to render black and white images. Using the standard “Desaturation” just makes images look flat and dull. Using the Black and White adjustment layer works really well. My favorite to use is the channel mixer set to monochrome. There are many different settings for both to help you get the best out of them.

 I have many more, but these are just the ones that stuck most with me and helped me most. Now, onto what apps I have come to love. These are from both Android and iOS or for your Mac OS X.

Mac OS/iOS/Android: Sketchbook Pro
This app is ranked number 1 in my favorites because it is a simple drawing app designed by AutoDesk. AutoDesk also creates software for drafting and other skillsets, but Sketchbook is just like having your own little drawing pad available. You can customize what brushes you wish based on different drawing tools, like a marker or pen. It includes rulers, mirroring for symmetrical drawing, and much more. It differs from Photoshop in the aspect that it is just for drawing. Sketchbook Ink is also great because it focuses more on ink based drawing tools. The Pro version is available on Mac and PC, but it is a little expensive, setting at 60$. The Pro versions on my Android only cost about 4$, though. The free versions are just as good, only with fewer features. You still get complete customization control, though.

All Operating Systems: Evernote
Evernote allows you to save your ideas, things you like, things you hear and things you see. You can access your inspiration anywhere as it works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there. And to make things easier, you can search by keyword, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images.

All Operating Systems: DropBox
You all know this one, but it makes it to my favorites anyway. It is such a help to save something here to DropBox and have it instantly available to download and edit at home. This differs from Evernote by letting you save files from different sources, programs, or whatever you need instead of just from your phone or what was created on Evernote.


I am almost done. I am just going to make a quick membership card for the business and then I will update my website with it. Hopefully tomorrow I will start working on the 11×14 poster. I think I came up with something, finally. Here are the things I finished before lunch, the letterhead and the invoice. This may be the longest project I have worked on. Almost 3 weeks, I think. There will be a bit more tweaking to the Menu and such since I updated the logo, but it will all be viewable on my website by the end of the week.


I also finished the membership card. It’s just simple, and the size of a credit card. Right now I am working a little on the 11×14 poster, after seeing inspiration on Chris Spooner’s blog that he originally posted on his site and I am going to try and sort of replicate it. Here is the membership card, though.